06 December 2009

What Is the Right Path?

We're standing at one of life's crossroads with two paths before us. They both lead in good directions, but in different directions. Which job offer should I accept? Should I go back to school or keep working up through the company?

What is the right path?

This is often something we take to God with the hope that he will tell us which is right. And sometimes we don't seem to get an answer. I propose that this is because the path is not the preeminent element of the scene.

We often think of choices like tokens on a game board--move twelve spaces on this path and you'll end up here. This model causes us to think in terms of one choice being better than another because it gets us closer to some unknown goal.

Let's change the analogy a bit: Pretend we are sculptors. Our life choices are the choice between which type of clay to use for our sculpture--perhaps it's between stoneware and terra-cotta clays. Yes, they have different qualities--pros and cons--but both can be shaped into something good. Although the type of clay will effect the outcome, the type of sculptor will have a far greater effect on the result.

Now back to the topic at hand. If the Lord just gives you an easy answer, your choosing is removed and you're a passive sculptor--a lesser sculptor. But the Lords wants to make you into an active sculptor--a greater sculptor. Thus he lets you choose, and by choosing you become empowered. By choosing, you become a better, stronger person. You become a chooser who has more significance in the scene than the choices themselves.

So what is the right path?

You choosing is the right path.