27 January 2014

A PG-13 Edited Version of A Game of Thrones [the Book]

A censored book cover for A Game of Thrones

I have a friend who has asked for my help in promoting a project he’s working on:

It’s called A Game of ███ones.

Basically, he’s creating an edited version of the Game of Thrones ebooks. (He has already censored several of his personal paper copies.)


There are a lot of teens and tweens who want to read this book, even though a lot of the content isn’t appropriate for that young of an audience. This project is primarily for them. It gets the book into the hands of that younger audience. It’s also for anyone who’s curious about the books but who doesn’t enjoy the more explicit content.


Hopefully not. The censored version will only be given to people who already own the regular version. So the author’s original art will be pristinely preserved. At any time, the reader can choose to read either version. (If a parent is moderating access to their child’s device, they could give access to either or both.)


The plan is to divide each book into sections, send them out to a group of volunteers, and let each person edit a few chapters. It’s kind of cool because no single person has to be exposed to much obscene content. His method for editing is kind of sweet too: They’ll just be blotting out the bad parts with a black highlight. It will look like this, or, rather, like this. That way you can still see how much was blotted out—just like his paper copies. And, technically, none of the author’s words are being removed.


There are just two things you have to do:
  1. Own the original ebook
  2. Volunteer to help

So if you’re interested in joining the project, sign up here.

Just to be clear, the edited copies are only being given to people who already own the ebooks so it can be fair and legal. If you’re expecting a freebie, you’ll have to look somewhere else.


You’ve read my books, and you know they’re pretty tame (except for my secret book, wink, wink).

That’s about the same type of book I like to read too—nothing with too much adult material. But, I admit, I read the first Game of Thrones book and it was awesome! In fact, it was one of the best fictional books I’ve read in a long time. But it was also one of the most explicit. And the fact that it was so dirty kept me from recommending it to other people. It also kept me from continuing to read the series. (And, believe me, I’ve wanted to—it was that good. George R.R. Martin deserves every bit of the success he’s had.)

I was excited to talk to my friend and find out I wasn’t the only one who felt this way—conflicted by how awesome but how explicit the books were. And I think his idea is a pretty cool middle ground. When he told me about it, I actually went and bought the rest of the series so that I could be a candidate for the edited copies.

I’m rooting for him and hope it goes well.

If you want to learn more or volunteer, here’s the link once more: A Game of ███ones


By the way, I know some of you have read the books and didn’t see any problem with them. I’m okay with that. I don’t mean to judge anyone, and I sure hope you’re not judging me. People have different levels of tolerance for that sort of thing. And I’m grateful we all get to make choices based on our preferences.

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