13 July 2012

You don’t even know what travesty MEANS!

I’ve got to get this out of my system.

People have this strange tendency to use the word travesty around me. (If you didn’t know, Travis is my middle name—this may be why.)

So he gets this grin on his face, thinking he’s so clever, and says, “Blogging on a Friday instead of going on a date WOULD BE A TRAVESTY!”

No. No it wouldn’t. Travesty doesn’t mean tragedy!
trav·es·ty /ˈtravistē/
noun: A false, absurd, or distorted version of something.
synonyms: parody, mockery, spoof
It comes from the latin tra- (to change) and vestire (clothing). So it means to dress up. It’s a fake something that looks like the real thing. A mockery.

Remember it!

Ya dork.