06 July 2012

What Should I Eat for Dinner?

My diet has been getting increasingly crazier over the past two years. As omnivores, our dilemma of what to eat seems to be getting more and more complex. I’ve recently come up with this model, which is a helpful summary:

In short, there may be some debate over what the healthiest foods are. But there’s strong consensus on which foods are unhealthy. That should probably be the first place we attack. (Unfortunately, those are the foods that everyone seems to eat the most of.)

I guess we omnivores are in need of a major paradigm shift. Maybe a revolution. 

Russian burritos (called “Sauron” or “Saruman” ), wrapped in cabbage, made by Stu

Happy food is usually the best.

Trying to eliminate a skin condition, I was forced to learn to cook vegetables. 

Turns out even cabbage can be good if you season it right. 

Not applesauce. Bacon grease. Yep. Bacon grease.