23 March 2009

Those Feckers

I complete a spec, and I turn it in for review. PS and SY come to me with these ideas they have. We throw it around for an hour, and finally come to an agreement on how it should work. And this is the part that gets me: What we finally agree on is the exact thing I had in the original spec. Only they think it's their idea. Obviously they didn't read it. It makes me so mad. I just have all this angry energy. I think I'm going to do some pushups. Those feckers.
*   *   *

(Here's a quick note on what I do. I call myself a usability designer. My background is in writing and graphic design. I draw up plans on how the software will work; then I create a document that explains the visuals. If the client/boss likes it, then it gets passed on to the developers. I like to tell people that my job is to simplify. I take a complicated process, and make it simple. As illustrated in the picture above.)

Thanks for reading.

(P.S. I think this image was from LifeHacker.com. You should go there.)

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