08 April 2009


Everyone smokes here. It's annoying. I used to like second-hand smoke. Now it gives me a headache. And I mean everyone.

We lost Tanner. He hasn't been with us in a day and a half. He was supposed to be a half hour behind us, on the next train. Of course, we never planned a good way for him to find us. Tienanmen Square is too big. So was our window of time. I hope we find him soon. It makes me appreciate cell phones.

For dinner we went to a grocery store. Couldn't really find anything appetizing. We bought a loaf of white bread, chocolate ice-cream, and chopsticks. All three were much better than expected. And you can eat ice-cream with chopsticks if you eat quickly.

Our new guide is more stern. I call him Henry the second. Our last guide was Henry the first. I want to ask him more about communism. But I hesitate. I wonder what he'd say...

I think I need to write something profound or not write anything at all. And I'm afraid this hasn't been profound.

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