26 October 2009

Three Random Thoughts

There's a girl in our ward who craves chalk--possibly because of a mineral deficiency (calcium, zinc, or iron). She said she'll walk into a classroom and have the strongest urge to just lick the chalkboard. Sometimes she's tempted to steal chalk and take it with her. It makes for such an interesting character. What if you had someone that had a similar obsession, say with Parker pens, I dunno. Ha ha. What?

* * *

I folded the newspaper down the middle, and creased it with my thumb and middle finger. Later, not having washed the black ink off, I ate pumpkin seeds, and licked my fingers. Mmm.

* * *

On the interstate, I cut off a dude wearing a camouflage cap and jacket. He was in a some small, older car. Usually when that happens, you can see the resentment on the driver's face. Sometimes they'll ride your bumper, or speed around you and glare. He didn't seem to react at all.

It was very rude of me. And very compassionate of him.

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