14 April 2012

The Argument My Mind Scratched on the Green Sunday-School Chalkboard

I just got this published on www.everydaymormonwriter.com (featured post)! 

(I thought of this when I was trying to wrap my head around the term Transgression, as mentioned in the Bible. And, it's funny, it has my old "anonymous" URL.)

(I'm always making abstract concepts into images—in my head at least. Does anyone else do this? Is it helpful? To me it's essential.)

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  1. I like this. I like it a lot, actually. But it took me a bit to understand the Transgress arrow.

    Here are some more ideas:
    - "Congress" which is a dot, the antithesis of progress.
    - "Egress" which is to exit or leave.
    - "Aggress" (spelling?) which is to be on the offensive... sort of like taking the initiative.

    Anyway, cool. I do this sometimes, but most of mine come out as doodles, not fancy art projects, ha ha. Keep it up.


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