06 March 2010

Is Alice.com a good deal?

I picked six items I would regularly buy at Walmart, and I compared their prices with Alice.com:

Granted, Alice gave me 4 coupons, which saved me $3.35 (which means I can't get this same deal every day). But Walmart also had several sales--so their prices will fluctuate too.

CONCLUSION: In this study, Alice.com was cheaper. And you can't argue with cheaper. Alice.com also saves you time (you set its schedule, and the items show up on your doorstep). And did I mention that there's no shipping costs, ever? So, yes, Alice.com is a good deal.

If you want to streamline your life and save money and time, you should give Alice.com a try.


  1. Very nice. Very nice. Of course the best comparison would be with a large range of products. Perhaps over time you can build an extensive comparison list.

    But for now, I'm convinced that it's worth giving Alice.com a whirl. Thanks.

  2. I want to know how it compares to Costco, buying in bulk. They key is the time and effort it saves, but I'm wondering if the occasional trip to Costco is still worth it (and the membership fee)?

  3. Oh, and thanks for making it easier to comment on your posts.. :)

  4. It's significantly higher on some items and significantly lower on other items. I think it will depend on what you are buying. That's amazing there is no shipping costs though! Good find!


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