25 June 2011

Ecksdot: Back Cover

     What would you do if there was a ghost following you around?
      I know what I’d do. I’d freak out. And that’s exactly what happened. But I’m a curious kid too. Mom says that’s a good thing. Dad says it’s going to get me into trouble someday.
      Well, maybe this is someday.     
      So right along with being freaked out, I felt pretty curious. See, I used to have these crazy dreams about a ghost-robot. And one day something that happened in the dream happened in real life too. Which made me think the ghost-robot wasn’t just a dream. It made me think maybe he really was haunting me. Or maybe he wanted something from me.
      So me and my best... well, my buddy Danny, we decided we wanted to figure out what was going on.
      I wrote it all down in this book.
      I'll admit, it sounds pretty unbelievable. In fact, your parents will probably tell you none of it’s true. But I got one question for you:
      How would they know?

(An initial draft of what goes on the back cover of my upcoming book.)
(Let me know what you think about it in the comments... so I can revise.)

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