09 October 2011

Ecksdot 1.1 Submitted to Milkweed

A little over a week ago, I submitted my novel to the Milkweed novel contest. My genre doesn't fit their usual fare, so I'm not sure I have the best chances. But you never know... Here's the synopsis from my query letter:

ECKSDOT is an 89,000-word tech-fantasy novel set on the edge of American suburbia. Ten-year-old Nate repeatedly dreams of a ghost begging him to go through a pair of broken double doors. Wandering a new way home from school, Nate and his “slow friend” Danny find a haunted old barn with the doors from the dream. Inside they discover pieces of a shattered, hidden world filled with ghosts, threatened by a virus, poised to collapse--a gritty, modern Narnia where the blacktop bloodies your knees.

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