14 May 2012

Archival Video Footage of J.R.R. Tolkien Himself

Yesterday, sitting in church, I suddenly had the strongest wish—a wild desire—to sit in the Eagle and Child with Tolkien, Lewis, Chesterton, and the rest of the Inklings and hear what they had to talk about. Just to hear them shoot the breeze.

This video may be the next best thing.

It’s old and reminds me of Monty Python at moments. But it’s awesome to hear Tolkien’s voice and see him strolling around Oxford commenting on how much he loves the trees. You can actually watch him write in Elvish too!

By the way, I heard of the story from here: http://good-report.com/5861/just-released-from-the-bbc-a-rare-1968-interview-with-j-r-r-tolkien-video

— J

P.S. These photos are from my 2006 trip to Oxford. The second shows the Eagle and Child (or “The Bird and the Baby”) where the Inklings used to meet. Click on them for a larger view.

Can I let you in on a secret? I want to revive the Inklings.

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