02 July 2013

Ender's Game Wallpaper

Give me a PLUS ONE if you make this your wallpaper!

Back in high school, I wasn’t much of a reader (ironic, I know). But my friends (Steve, Ed, Mike, Artie, and Kyle) peer pressured me into reading ENDER’S GAME. When I finally gave in, I loved it. I loved it so much, in fact, that I started to look for other books I might love as much.

When I finished ENDER’S GAME for the second time, I made the wallpaper you see below—that’s how much I was geeking out.

Today, since I’m now a better designer, and as we get ready for the movie, I decided to rebrand it, which is what you see above.

In the original, I tried to make Ender’s silhouette small and insignificant—so that his weakness would contrast with his bold statement. I also took the liberty of changing the narrator’s phrase “he refused to feel weak” into Ender’s own first-person words (authors get to do that). I finalized the design with the slash of lightning and horizontal static to give the poster an abstract sci-fi feel.

In the re-design, I strengthened the visual hierarchy so the dominant and subordinate positions are now more clear. I also changed the color scheme to match the blue and orange kick I’ve been on lately, which also happens to somewhat mimic the movie’s artwork.

And here’s the tailer for the upcoming movie if, shame on you, you haven’t seen it:

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