26 April 2016

SONG OF LOCKE Official Soundtrack (OST)

I listen to dozens of soundtracks as I’m writing. 

I’m not a huge gamer, but many of these are from videogame soundtracks. I often like them more than movie soundtracks because they’re not written for specific scenes—they’re more stand-alone. That makes them feel smoother to me—fewer jagged edges.

I’ve hand-picked these tracks for the SONG OF LOCKE Soundtrack. And if you imagine yourself back in Elfland while you listen, you’re really going to feel the music. I promise. But whether or not you’re thinking about Picke and Locke, these melodies are seriously inspiring. They’ll make you want to go on an adventure.

Now here’s something cool you may not have noticed: The chapters in SONG OF LOCKE were named as if they were tracks from a movie score. Yep. Go back and look at the table of contents. Also, most of the tracks I’ve selected here match specific chapters. But I’ll let you decide which goes with which. (Email me your thoughts!)

Without further ado, here it is.

The SONG OF LOCKE Official Soundtrack
(a YouTube playlist)

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