31 May 2016

New book for sale: I'M JERRY SEINFELD by J Washburn

I have an announcement to make: My latest book is out!

It's called I'M JERRY SEINFELD: AN ESSAY ON COMEDY. Here's the synopsis: 

Don’t read this book if you’re fat. Or if you hate reading. Or if you hate Jerry Seinfeld. Or me. Or fat people. Or nudity. And definitely don’t read it if you liked my other books. Or if you’ve had enough funny business. Or if you’d rather have a 99-cent hamburger. Did I mention fat? Come on, George, you’re such a cheapskate.

It's not really like anything else I've written. That makes me scared to share it with the world, but, hey, that's what I do. My beta readers gave amazing feedback. Now it's less offensive with more consistent flow. It's about making your life better through comedy, and reading it might give you a lasting insight or two.

Thanks for being a reader! Looking forward to reading your reviews.

-- J

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