08 September 2016

New book release: MY 7-DAY FAST

I made a goal to not eat any food for seven days.

I’m serious. No food for a whole week.

Why would anybody do that? Well, I answer that question in an essay I wrote about it.

People have been surprised when they read the essay. They say things like this:

“I loved reading this! It was an intense page turner which doesn’t happen in non-fiction for me very often. It is also full of really useful health concepts in an easy-to-understand format that still has me thinking about it long after finishing. I plan to read it a second time!” — A. J. 

Several people told me they opened the book planning to just read a couple pages, but they got hooked and had to finish. (It’s about 30 pages long.)

You can buy MY 7-DAY FAST for $2.99. Or, email me with your promise to post an honest review, and I’ll send you a review copy for FREE.

Thank you for being a reader! Can’t wait to hear what you think!


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