15 March 2017

BOOK REPORT: Hamilton The Revolution by Lin-Manuel Miranda

In 2016 I wrote a bunch of book reviews for dozens of books.

Writing them was fun, and a few of you readers seemed to really like them. But they took a lot of time to create, which is something I don’t have a lot of. This year I’ve decided to transform my book report strategy. Instead of reviewing every book I read this year, I’ll only give you brief pitches for the top 10%.

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Having said that, I skipped one book report in 2016 that I’m excited to share with you (it just took me a long time to create—producing a video is hard!). It’s for a book called HAMILTON: THE REVOLUTION. It’s a short book by Lin-Manuel Miranda about writing his famous musical. Instead of writing a report, I decided to record a track for you. This seemed like a better way to pique your curiosity.

As you'll notice in the video, I bleeped out a few words. This musical has a lot of adult themes throughout and some colorful language. Make sure you check that against your tolerance level before you sink $1000 dollars on tickets.

Thanks for being a reader/listener!

-- J

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