05 November 2007


Snowflakes float,
one touching down after another,
tapping a silent rhythm.

They disappear
as they
touch the sidewalk.
“If you know what I know, you know what I mean.”

They follow any meter,
from Heaven Let Your Light Shine Down
to Sweet Baby James.

Two silver magnets rest in your ears,
wailing a guitar riff
and drumming an anapest.
“It’s more than just words; it’s tears and rain.”

The snowflakes keep the rhythm,
landing in sync:
thump, thump, thump, thump.

With their skulls wrapped in beanies and ears snuggled close,
even pedestrians follow suit:
step, step, step, step.
“It’s a new song like a new religion.”

Now the piano
slides up and down the treble like a hurricane
with da, da, da, da in the bass.

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