05 November 2007

intentionally• left• blank. (noun).

1. Wind painting white clouds on baby blue. 2. Invisible colors appearing in the sun's farewell. 3. The midnight moon glowing over tree leaves and chimneys. 4. Black clouds touching your eyebrows and cheekbones with raindrops. 5. Sleep and closed eyes pressing into a cool down pillow. 6. An infant's small fingers caressing your heart. 7. A woman scintillating grace in both form and motion. 8. Twenty-eight pearly whites shining in act one scene one. 9. C minor dancing on a Samick baby grand. 10. Freshly baked chocolate chips talking with your tongue. 11. The strength of woven rope hefting all your weight. 12. A zephyr tickling the grass and your toes. 13. The sun's heat pouring over your skin, just on the right side. 14. A billion particles of water crashing from a suicide cliff. 15. The stars overwhelming the soul's ability to feel.

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