21 March 2009


She, my wife, was about to enter our house through the downstairs window. I'm not sure why. But we were coming back from a party. I think my wife was Lisa. I'm not sure about that either. I suddenly had this fear. And I thought someone was in the house. I told her to stop and step back. I climbed in. The basement was empty. In a rush I grabbed a giant screwdriver from the floor and headed around the corner to the stairs. At that moment I thought to myself, "I should have listened to Tev's, Zod's, and Hyrum's advice and bought a gun. This is just what they were talking about." A kind of rage filled me, and I charged around the corner. As I leaped onto the second stair, a dark figure came around the corner at the top of the stair. It jumped, obviously startled, and as it jumped it raised its arms. The shot made my ears ring, and the bullet hit me square in the chest. I was still conscious of her presence, and my last thoughts were, "I hope she has the sense to run." And then I fell over backwards, and I was laying in my bed.

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