17 March 2009

Happy St. Fecking Patty's Day!

feck (fek) (slang, has no sexual connotations)
n., 1. explicit nominative
[e.g., It's not just switching a vowel, ya twisted feck.]
2. one who fecks
[e.g., You mean that arseways fecker?]

v., 1. to steal
[e.g., "They had fecked cash" (James Joyce, Portrait
of the Artist
2. to throw
[e.g., He's a rude gobshite--I asked him for a drink and
he fecked the glass at me.

adj. 1. expletive [e.g., Bloody feckin' 'ell.]
Commonly used by religious authorities and school teachers.
May be combined for added effect (e.g., I asked that feck to explain, but the fecker just fecked a feckin' rock at me or, more concisely, Feck the feckin' fecker).

*   *   *

Hope you have a wonderful day. And watch out for the fecking leprechauns.

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