06 November 2009

The 4-Hour Workweek

  • You can't sell all your junk and move to a foreign country because you're afraid. Of what? Of not having to go to work from 8-5 every day to a job you don't even like? Think about what you want in your life and get getting it!

  • He says that if you're working for work's sake, you're one of the living dead.

  • Be a rebel. Don't do what everyone else is doing.

  • It's easier to do the impossible than the mediocre. For one, it gives you excitement and endorphins. Plus, there's less competition. (He tells of students contacting one of three celebrities and getting them to answer three questions.)

  • The biggest fish are where there are the fewest people.

  • Practice selective ignorance. Don't read or watch the news (just ask your friends about what's going on). Don't watch TV. Avoid meetings (force people to email you instead). Keep phone calls short.

  • The main thing I learned is the importance of challenging the status quo. Don't just accept what is acceptable. Go for what you really want.

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