11 November 2009

Heartfelt Conversation

"Hey, dude. What ya working on?"

Pause. "Just the same old."

"Ah. Okay. What's this ThomasNet?"

"It's just a site where you can order manufactured items."

"Like what?"

"Mm. Anything."

"So what are you looking for?"

"I... just looking for some stuff."

Like stuff that says you're not interesting in having a conversation with me? Okay. The feeling's mutual.

* * *

I know what he works on everyday. And he knows that. The first question was meant to get something unique about the day. And he knows that. Four questions later, I'm still trying to talk with him. And he's still trying to avoid talking with me. Freak. I just feel frustrated because I'm making an effort to invest in a relationship. And it seems worthless.

* * *

I wrote that literally seconds after it happened, and I was fuming. Looking back I realize the character that more accurately represents me is the one being questioned. And I have some repenting to do.

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