08 July 2011

Michael Crichton Book Covers for Ecksdot

Here are two variations on my first design. Imagine you open the book and put the text down on the table--so you can see the front cover, the spine, and the back cover... 

This is a simple 2-D typographical piece, because I didn't want to spend tons of time on a digital painting. But maybe that's what it will come to. Let me know...


Just the front would look something like this...

Also, I already posted the (possible) text for the back cover.


  1. I don't know if you are dead set on the red, but I feel like a different accent color might work better. Based on what the back of the book text tells me the book is about, I don't think red goes along too well. I would recommend trying it with maybe a light blue or darker green. Otherwise I really really love the design.

  2. Oh hey Travis, I'm just blog stalking you right now. As an average bookworm with no design experience past high school yearbook, I like both of the covers but get a different feeling from them, so I think it depends on the initial message you are trying to convey. For me the messages are basically in line with typical connotations (dark=haunting and eerily inviting; light=stark but more eye-catching initially) so I think it depends on the mood of the book. I really like the overall design and the longer I look at it the more I like it. I wouldn't mind seeing what a blue would look like, like Marci suggested. I don't know if that is helpful at all, but good luck!


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