03 September 2013

Get CALVIN AND HOBBES in your RSS FEED—along with your other favorite comics

UPDATE: ComicSyndicate.org seems to be down. (Whether temporarily or permanently, I’m not sure.) As an alternative, try http://www.gocomics.com/features/rsspage.

I read my RSS feeds like a lot of people read the newspaper.

And I’m sad Google Reader was shut down. But I’m glad I found Feedly.com (and the accompanying app).

Now, to the point: I grew up reading the comics every day, something I’ve missed. Well, just last week I found this site, ComicSyndicate.org, which lists RSS feeds for specific comics.

Of course, only a few really resonate with my personality. Here are the feeds for my faves:
By the way, I really like these ones. But maybe I haven’t given a certain strip its proper respects. So what are your favorite comics?

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