04 September 2013

mnmlst wallpaper

After many days (probably about 4 months) of cluttered misery, today I finally cleared off my computer’s desktop. No more to-do items hanging over my head—everything put away in its own little folder or subfolder. (The OCD is now pacified.)

That made me start wishing I had a new desktop wallpaper. I’m always on the prowl for good ones, but in this sitchyation I decided I ought to just make my own. And here’s where it landed:

I’m a big fan of color, and this seems to match my mood at the moment. It’s soothing, but still has some energy to it. Also, I love the minimalist theme (as you know).

To download the full-sized version, RIGHT-CLICK THIS LINK and choose “Save Link As...”

If you like it enough to use as your wallpaper, let me know in the comments. : )

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